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A Midwest Work Ethic and National Perspective

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There’s no mistaking that Masters Gallery Foods is located in the heart of America’s Dairyland. The love of cheese here is pronounced. The people throughout our communities truly have a passion for it, and we’re proud to raise that level of appreciation higher and higher.

Our people are happiest when involved in a workplace that aspires to world-class levels of quality. That also mirrors our connection to, and dedication for, our local communities, elevating quality of life outside our work facilities for everyone.

Both communities are located in Sheboygan County, about halfway between the Door Peninsula and Milwaukee (1 hour away). The city of Sheboygan is a diversified port town and the commercial center of the county. Sheboygan is a 20-minute drive from Plymouth and just 17 minutes from Oostburg.

Here’s an overview of why we admire these communities so much

Plymouth, WI

This area unites two major geographical landscapes: a flat coastal plain and the gently rolling hills of the Kettle Moraine. A scenic, pleasant, friendly, and safe community, Plymouth has excellent schools, dedicated arts programs, reliable medical care, and good shopping options.

Plymouth is truly an all-year community; activities range from festivals, fairs, and dining to outdoor ventures such as fishing and skiing. This is an ideal place for you to live, work, and play.

  • Population: 8,909
  • Population growth of 5.2% (2010–2022)
  • Median home value: $179,400
  • Homeownership rate: 66.2%
  • Cost of living is 3.6% lower than the U.S. average


Oostburg, WI

Originally settled in the 1840s by Dutch immigrants, this quaint community proudly shows off indications of its early settlers: gorgeous tulips, whimsical miniature windmills, and a festive Heritage Day celebration.

You’ll find many “family friendly” spaces throughout the area, as well as hard-working, neighborly people. New residents and new businesses are regularly welcomed into this expanding community. If you like neatly kept yards and homes, litter-free streets, and overall safety, Oostburg is for you.

  • Population: 3,048
  • Population growth of 1.03% (2020–2021)
  • Median home value: $168,500
  • Cost of living is 0.3% lower than the U.S. average
Statistics Sources: census.gov, datausa.io


Sheboygan County is composed of various cities, villages and townships that all bring unique traditions—accentuated by affordable housing, inexpensive living, low crime rates and high-quality education.With blends of urban and rural living the Midwest ambiance provides an excellent environment for singles and families to feel at home. To learn more, visit: Some Place Better, Sheboygan County, WI.