To All Masters Gallery Foods Employees
    As the COVID-19 situation progresses our communication will continue to evolve to ensure you know our role in continuing to keep our employees safe. As always, human safety is our primary focus.
    At Masters Gallery Foods, the work we do and the products we provide are essential, and all of us play a vital role in helping to support our nation’s food supply. It can be easy for us to lose track of the importance we play in people’s everyday lives. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have stated that keeping the nation’s food supply running from farm to fork will be their primary focus.
    Our products are currently in higher demand than ever before. In this time of need we can be a beacon of stability and support for our customers and consumers. We have an obligation to maintain our nation’s food supply and given our role in that supply chain we are fortunate to have the ability to continue to gainfully employ all of our dedicated workforce.


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Emergency Response Plan: If an on-site employee tests positive for COVID-19

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To view the CDC’s Self Check and website, please click here.