INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYEES ONLY: Directions for what we WOULD do IF we had a positive COVID-19


We would like to share the notification steps of our Emergency Response Plan for a positive COVID-19 test result of an on-site employee. If we experience a positive test in the future, we will follow the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines and the protocols issued by the IDFA (International Dairy Foods Association).

As previously communicated, MGF has taken a higher standard on removing sick employees or employees with sick household members from our workforce starting as early as March 13, 2020.

As previously communicated by MGF Pandemic Team, employees who have been tested and awaiting results are highly encouraged to share this information with MGF and will immediately be placed on a paid quarantine pending results.


If an employee who tests positive has been on-site within the last 7 days, the following steps will be followed:

1. Any symptomatic or asymptomatic (not displaying symptoms) employee who tests positive will be immediately removed from work and will be placed in quarantine status.

2. With the assistance of the infected employee, we will identify potentially exposed individuals that were in close contact with them. Close contact is defined by the CDC as:

• Within approximately 6 feet of a positive COVID-19 case for a prolonged period (10+ minutes at a time).

• Short term exposure, such as walking past someone, is not considered “close contact.”

3. We will formally communicate to any employee(s) that are identified as “exposed individuals” that they have been in contact with an employee who has been confirmed positive for COVID-19.

4. We will also notify all MGF employees of a positive COVID-19 test within our workforce maintaining patient confidentiality at all times.

5. We will review affected work areas, discontinue operations where necessary and evaluate next steps to ensure proper employee safety and health are maintained.

Additional cleaning will be done using an EPA registered disinfectant to the following areas: high contact surfaces such as doorknobs, touch screens, control panels, time clocks, tabletops, handrails, handwash areas, locker rooms, restrooms and breakrooms. We have already increased cleaning/disinfecting of those areas, but will deep clean should this situation occur. Once the additional deep cleaning and sanitation have been performed, work will continue as normal within FDA and CDC guidelines.


Human Resources will continue to work with and monitor those employees that have come in contact (exposed individuals) with the infected employee for 7 days for signs and symptoms of illness.