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Caring, collaborative and challenging

What matters to you? If it’s a cooperative culture, ongoing career development and a family-friendly environment, you’re in the right place.

Everything at Masters Gallery Foods starts with our passionate team. Our people are the foundation for our commitment to quality, our safe work environment and our ability to exceed customer expectations.
Corporate Responsibility
Career Development
Fun at Work
MGF Gives Back
Green DNA

We work diligently to integrate social responsibility into all of our business operations. As a responsible corporate citizen, we lead by example and serve as a model for others in our community.

Masters Gallery Foods...
  • believes that the responsibility of the vision, mission and ethics is part of every employee’s role
  • fully complies with all Federal and State employment laws
  • is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer

Masters Gallery Foods actively involves every employee’s ideas, knowledge, perspectives, approaches and styles to maximize business success.

Masters Gallery Foods...
  • has a published process for employees to ask questions, give feedback or voice concerns without negative consequences
  • has a published process for employees to offer suggestions or innovations
  • rewards employees for cost saving suggestions that have proven to save the company money

Employee training and development is budgeted for annually. It’s part of how we invest back into our most important resource: OUR PEOPLE.

Masters Gallery Foods...
  • provides training and development programs that are available to all employees
  • offers a formal training program for cheese know-how called “Cheese University” which is available to all employees
  • promotes from within whenever relevant

Masters Gallery Foods understands and appreciates the need to have fun at work and the need to enjoy where you work! Numerous fun activities are held throughout the year to boost morale, celebrate accomplishments and prepare for the holidays.

Masters Gallery Foods...
  • gives office employees the option to listen to their personal music choices (headphones, radio, CDs)
  • provides XM Radio for the plant and office employee with a rotating music schedule
  • allows a business casual dress code for everyone in the office with jeans on Fridays
  • offers summer hours to eligible employees
  • schedules numerous food days and/or competitions: potlucks, ugly sweater contests, Halloween costumes, chili cook-off, taco Fridays, etc.

Full-time employees receive a long list of benefits. Masters Gallery Foods also offers full-time health care benefits to part-time or flextime employees if they work 30 hours or more per week. Plus, eligible employees get FREE access to The Center for Health and Wellness, a company-funded health care facility.

Masters Gallery Foods...

offers benefits to all full-time employees:

  • health and Rx insurance
  • dental insurance
  • vision insurance
  • short-term disability
  • long-term disability
  • flexible Spending Accounts
  • 401(k) with company match
  • life insurance
  • voluntary life insurance for employee’s dependents
  • business travel insurance
  • voluntary critical illness and accident plans including $100 wellness benefits
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • identity theft and travel assistance coverage

offers many other incentives/incentive programs:

  • annual monetary bonus program available for all employees based on company performance
  • tuition reimbursement
  • vacation savings club for discounted travel
  • subsidized fitness club membership
  • subsidized fitness or weight-loss coaching programs
  • company product discounts for employees
  • discounts for other services and products for employees
  • AAA travel assistance and discount program
  • DELL computer purchase plan
  • cellular phone discount programs
  • WallyPark airport parking
  • YMCA center discount
  • personal finance assistance coaching
  • recognition of a new family addition (baby gift too!)
  • flu shot clinic
  • company-sponsored rec teams and social events

Masters Gallery is committed to giving back to the community in and outside the office walls. Team members care about the community he or she lives in and are known as being an enthusiastic team that has fun and takes community service to the next level. This give-back mentality is built into our culture to ensure charitable giving is part of everyday life.

Masters Gallery Foods...

is living proof that individuals can make a difference. Masters and its employees take on leadership roles and volunteer throughout the community so much so that the “Reward Your Purpose” program was implemented.

  • for every five hours of volunteer service at the charity of his/her choice, Masters Gallery Foods will donate $100 to that charity on the employee’s behalf (up to $200 per employee)

We understand that life can conflict with what you need to accomplish at work. We try to help you maintain a work/life balance through a variety of flextime options.

Masters Gallery Foods...
  • offers flexible scheduling options to hourly office and salaried employees; on a case-by-case basis
  • informs plant employees if they will need to work overtime two to three days in advance
  • offers non-traditional work arrangements for employees, including seasonal work, summer flextime, paid internships and youth apprenticeships

We pride ourselves on the accomplishments of our Masters Green Team. Comprised of a dedicated group of employees, the Green Team continuously reviews the company’s environmental impact and is always developing new ways to reduce our waste and environmental footprint.

Masters Gallery Foods...
  • has incorporated recycling, energy conservation, electric power conservation, water conservation and waste reduction programs into our Environmental Policy Statement
  • regularly works with suppliers, business partners and customers to monitor and positively affect the environment


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