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Masters Gallery Foods understands that foodservice products today are all about flavor and performance. Our Foodservice team delivers unique cheese products with proprietary flavor profiles that yield signature menu items – all while meeting the price parameters that are so necessary in today’s value-conscious economy.

Our shreds are an excellent example. We understand that different foodservice operators, depending on their size, ambitions – even their geographic location – have specific needs when it comes to flavor, stretch and melt performance. We deliver the right product for the right application, every time.

And because everyone is concerned about food costs, we offer fixed pricing programs to help keep costs under control.


We offer numerous products and configurations:

Types: 5 and 10 pound Shreds, Dices and Cubes; Prints and Loaves; Natural Slices

Popular flavors: Cheddar, Cheddar-Monterey Jack, Low Moisture Part Skim and Whole Milk Mozzarella, Smoked and Non-Smoked Provolone, Parmesan, Muenster and Reduced-Fat Cheeses

Signature products: Custom flavor profiles and unique proprietary blends

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