Masters Gallery

Quality Assurance

Some of the most rigorously tested products

Maintaining quality is more than a mission, it’s a way of life at Masters Gallery Foods. Our practices and measures are among the most demanding in the industry and are a key to our ongoing success.

Licensed cheese graders

Certified by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, our 12 licensed graders have an extensive knowledge of the cheese making process. They grade each vat of cheese that comes through our doors, guaranteeing each product has the required compositional and sensory attributes needed to meet only the highest standards.

For aged products like Extra Sharp Cheddar, our bulk cheese is continually re-graded throughout the aging cycle, be that six months or five years, to insure that the body and desired flavors develop as expected.

Finding the perfect match

Whether for bulk industrial uses or packaged goods, our graders select the exact cheese that’s needed specified by age, body, flavor, color and performance. We take great pride in our ability to meet – and more often exceed – your expectations.

Online production testing

We adhere to strict testing procedures throughout the manufacturing process. Our Quality Control Technicians continually test the finished goods coming off every production line for quality measures such as residual oxygen levels, package weight, appearance and package integrity. Just like our graders, our quality personnel are keenly aware that each and every product represents both our company and our customers’ reputations in the marketplace.

Vendor feedback

We collaborate closely with all of our cheese producers, they are more than vendors, they are trusted partners. We not only provide regular product feedback, we partner with our vendors to enhance cheese make procedures, operational efficiencies and business practices – all to assure that our customers receive only the best cheese available.