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State-of-the-art operations

Building a great cheese company requires world-class operations. Our modern manufacturing and distribution facility is a showcase for the latest equipment and technology.

Highly automated production

Our state-of-the-art operations utilize the most modern equipment, from advanced cutting and portioning systems for bars and chunks to high-speed shredding lines, all linked to robotic case packing and palletizing systems.

Investments like these allow us to maintain our competitive edge by increasing efficiencies and controlling product costs.

Innovative packaging

Investing in new technology also allows us to stay ahead of the latest packaging trends. Case-in-point our newest offering: stand-up gusseted pouches for retail shreds.

Nimble, responsive logistics

Our multiple bulk and finished goods warehouses allow us to be more responsive and efficient than ever, and our advanced warehousing system not only keeps product fresher, it insures orders are accurately picked and readied for distribution.

Our logistics team handles any and all transportation needs for our customers, coordinating order delivery via our network of third party carriers and customizing transportation options to hit specific cost and delivery parameters.