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More variety, more consistency

Variety is essential to a successful cheese program since not all cheese ages, shreds or cuts the same way. Just as important is a stable and consistent supply of inventory, from month to month and year to year.

At Masters Gallery Foods we sell millions of pounds of top-quality cheese every year – from aged Cheddars to fresh Jacks, soft and hard Italians, reduced fat cheeses and many others. Much of our cheese is from premier producers who sell most – if not all – of their production to us.

In fact, we maintain one of the largest privately held cheese inventories in the country. That means more choice in cheese types, flavor and functional characteristics.

The Masters Gallery procurement team is known for its ability to continually source high quality products at competitive prices. Our efficient procurement efforts are a result of nationwide networking created over many years. Strong, stable relationships with key suppliers – assuring quality, consistency, and reliability of cheese supply – make the difference between sourcing just any cheese and sourcing the right cheese.